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Pet Quality of Life Scale and Daily Diary

Directions: Use the key factors of quality of life below to help assess your pet's condition. Use the Daily Diary to keep track of your pet's progress. Fill in the appropriate number for each category for that day. The maximum score is 12 and you can determine your own scale. You can even add categories [...]

Howl-iday Home Tour—Is Your Pet Safe?

Welcome to the first ever Chatham Animal Clinic (CAC) howl-iday home tour! Unlike a traditional tour, we will be evaluating the homes not for their decor, food, or ambiance, but for pet safety. If you didn’t already know, pet hazards overflow—like Santa’s magical bag—during the howlidays. Let’s jump right in and join the next tour, [...]

10 Steps to Better Senior Pet Care

As your pet ages, their care needs change. Painful arthritis may mean your dog no longer follows you upstairs at night, vision impairment may give them pause before stepping outside, and cognitive dysfunction syndrome may leave them lonely and lost in their once familiar home.  Whether your senior pet is entering their double digits, or [...]

Back-to-School Considerations for Pets

As the lazy days of summer wind down, the new backpacks and school clothes come out. Back-to-school schedules have everyone spinning. This year, many households face bigger adjustments than ever as schools hover between virtual and traditional classes. The caring veterinary professionals at Chatham Animal Clinic want your pet to keep a steady schedule, adjust [...]

Prescription Strength Help For Medicating Your Pet

Everyone agrees that a pet’s medication is important, but many owners fail to give their pet’s entire prescription. In one study, only 44 percent of pet owners completed a 10-day antibiotics course in the appropriate time frame. Chatham Animal Clinic knows that for many of the remaining 56 percent, those results were not from a [...]

7 Best Practices for Pet Parasite Prevention

By giving your pet parasite preventives, you are protecting them from more than pesky mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks. Heartworm, flea, and tick medications guard your pet against deadly and debilitating diseases. To ensure your pet’s prevention protocol is as effective as possible, Chatham Animal Clinic has assembled a list of the top seven best practices [...]

5 Facts Every Pet Owner Should Know About Pet Allergies

With spring comes pollen, and with pollen comes allergies—for you and your pet. Your pet may feel as miserable as you do, despite the fact that they seldom sneeze, or have runny noses or watery eyes. At Chatham Animal Clinic, we want you to know all about pet allergies so you can alleviate their suffering. [...]

Potbellied Pigs as a Companion

Potbellied pigs are charismatic, clever, and loving companions.  With the right care, they can make a much-loved addition to your home. However, it is common that new owners become overwhelmed by their needs and size. It is important to note before acquiring a potbellied pig, this pet can weigh anywhere from 60 to 250 pounds, [...]

Gastric ulcers

Gastric ulcers are common in horses! Their prevalence is estimated from 50-90% of horses depending on type of athletic activity and predisposing factors. What are the symptoms of gastric ulcers in horses? While often vague they can include but are not limited to: poor appetite weight loss poor performance attitude change poor hair coat [...]

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